Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recommendations of the Week: June 26 2013

Recommendations of the Week are back, and they've been revamped a bit! from now on, we'll each be giving one recommendation each per week. Hopefully this'll add some variety to the list!

Ernesto Guillermo recommends you get prepped for MLS and CFL now that hockey and basketball are over.
Go White Caps go!

Hatok recommends this up and coming youtube reviewer. Stuck between two pipes, this guy reviews classic Gameboy games with admirable dedication to staying in character.
Lorl recommends the original Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, a classic RPG with unique action gameplay and a funny script.

(Hatok's note: BEWARE OF STICKER STAR!!)

Bryan, the Cake Loving Artist, recommends OpenTTD. An open source recreation of the classic and very fun 1995 Transport Tycoon game. It's free!

Hope you enjoyed the new and improved recommendations of the week, see you next time!

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