Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recommendations of the Week: January 23rd

Welcome back to another edition of Recommendations of the Week. Today we shamelessly plug our own commentaries!

If you are somehow not aware we here at Apps Plus have embarked on videogame commentaries! So if you click on the "Commentaries" page link on the blog here then you'll see an archive of all our commentaries. Currently we have commentaries of Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, TIE Fighter, Battlefront, The Fancy Pants Adventures, and The Walking Dead: Episode 1 all ongoing. All of us here at the Apps Plus crew are involved so each commentary series brings a different set of people to the table making for exciting perspectives! I recommend you all to check out our videos, there is one for everyone. Click here to visit our YouTube page, or here to visit our Blip page.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Apps Plus Comms- TIE Fighter Part 20

Progress has been made on the new space station, NL-1! Unfortunately, some idiot forgot to calibrate the shields properly and Rebels are attacking! So it's time for General AppsPlus jump into his trusty Assault Gunboat and blow some of them up!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Apps Plus Comms- Battlefront Part 10

Today, another pocket of resistance has sprung up on the planet Mustafar! Ernesto Guillermo and the Cake Loving Artist must put down a rogue Geonosian who threatens to plunge the galaxy into another round of Clone Wars. Unfortunately, he's created a shield of battleships between himself and our Star Destroyer, so we must blast our way through them to reach him. It's a good thing we're flying the most sophisticated fighter craft in the galaxy: TIE Fighters...

Commentators: the Cake Loving Artist and Ernesto Guillermo

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Battlefront II owned by LucasArts (which is now owned by Disney)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Apps Plus Comms- TIE Fighter Part 18

Today, Commander? AppsPlus continues to make way for the new space station! Imperial High Command has decided that the space station should be located right where a group of pirates has made their base. We would ask them nicely to move, but us Imperials do not negotiate with terrorists. So we blow them up.

Apps Plus Comms- Battlefront Part 9

Welcome back to Battlefront! The Republic has fallen and a New Order has risen to take its place. However, even though the Clone Wars are finished, the galaxy is not at peace. Small pockets of resistance fight back against Emperor Palpatine's rule. One of these groups of rebels is on Naboo, where the Queen there is raising an army of Jedi to overthrow the Empire. As loyal stormtroopers, we cannot let that happen, and now that we have our new armour, weapons, and tanks, not even an army of Jedi and a nearly invincible Queen can stop us!

Commentators: the Cake Loving Artist and Ernesto Guillermo

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Battlefront II owned by LucasArts (which is now owned by Disney)

Apps Plus Comms- The Walking Dead Episode 1 Part 3

Hatok, Lorl, and Urdon play more Walking Dead Episode 1.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

App Bites #41: Fotor

Welcome back to another App Bite. Before the break we were talking about some of the best apps found on Windows 8 and we will continue this trend today with Fotor.


Fotor is a photo-editing app that lets you play around and do all the very basic type of editing things that you might like to do. I like to think of Fotor as a the photo editor tool for the people of casual intentions. So what can you edit? Well basic things like the tint, temperature, contrast, brightness, etc. You also can add borders, captions, effects, and you can crop the picture. So like I said these are very basic photo editing tools, but this isn't what makes the app great. What makes it great is how nice the setup is, how smooth everything works, and how great the overall experience is. For someone who just wants to quickly make some minor adjustments to their photo this app is perfect. So to those people I recommend checking out Fotor in the Windows 8 app store, or just follow the link here. (Note that Fotor is also on Android here and iOS here) (Second Note: Fotor is free on Windows 8 and Android but three dollars on iOS)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Recommendations of the Week: January 9th

And with that nice winter break I am back and alongside me is a plethora of posts. In other words the normal Apps Plus schedule is going to be reinstated, starting with Recommendations of the Week. So, let's begin.

Bask In It:

Yes many of you will have just received a few items for Christmas and now is the time to live it up. You've got all these great new items, now make use of them! We both know that in a few weeks time anything you got will seem like something you've had forever and you'll no longer get that excited feeling every time you look at it, so make use of that excitement while it is still around.


Of course now is also the time of the year that everyone sets some new years resolutions and starts going to the gym. And now is also around the time that people start getting lazy and stop going to the gym. So to them I say, you need to re-evaluate your resolutions. Pick something much smaller and more attainable. That way it is much easier to accomplish your goal and if you fail, you won't feel so bad. And remember, you're still in your prime, you've got decades and decades of new years resolutions to set ahead of you. So instead of aiming to knock 15 pounds off, why not aim for five? Sure it will take you three times as long to reach your goal, but you'll feel better and be much more likely to achieve it.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Apps Plus Comms- Kingdom Hearts Part 24

A commentary of the original Kingdom Hearts

  • Hatok
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Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney

Apps Plus Comms- Battlefront Part 8

Published on 28 Dec 2012
This week we're carrying out a very special command: Order 66, where we have to hunt down and exterminate the Jedi. It's a nasty job, but somebody's got to do it.

Commentators: the Cake Loving Artist and Ernesto Guillermo

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Battlefront II owned by LucasArts (which is now owned by Disney)

Apps Plus Comms- Mass Effect Part 21


A democratic run of the original Mass Effect for Xbox 360.

  • Lorl
  • Hatok
  • Ernesto Guillermo
  • Bryan, The Cake Loving Artist
  • Urdon
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Mass Effect is owned by Bioware, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts