Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recommendations of the Week: January 23rd

Welcome back to another edition of Recommendations of the Week. Today we shamelessly plug our own commentaries!

If you are somehow not aware we here at Apps Plus have embarked on videogame commentaries! So if you click on the "Commentaries" page link on the blog here then you'll see an archive of all our commentaries. Currently we have commentaries of Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, TIE Fighter, Battlefront, The Fancy Pants Adventures, and The Walking Dead: Episode 1 all ongoing. All of us here at the Apps Plus crew are involved so each commentary series brings a different set of people to the table making for exciting perspectives! I recommend you all to check out our videos, there is one for everyone. Click here to visit our YouTube page, or here to visit our Blip page.

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