Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Recommendations of the Week: January 9th

And with that nice winter break I am back and alongside me is a plethora of posts. In other words the normal Apps Plus schedule is going to be reinstated, starting with Recommendations of the Week. So, let's begin.

Bask In It:

Yes many of you will have just received a few items for Christmas and now is the time to live it up. You've got all these great new items, now make use of them! We both know that in a few weeks time anything you got will seem like something you've had forever and you'll no longer get that excited feeling every time you look at it, so make use of that excitement while it is still around.


Of course now is also the time of the year that everyone sets some new years resolutions and starts going to the gym. And now is also around the time that people start getting lazy and stop going to the gym. So to them I say, you need to re-evaluate your resolutions. Pick something much smaller and more attainable. That way it is much easier to accomplish your goal and if you fail, you won't feel so bad. And remember, you're still in your prime, you've got decades and decades of new years resolutions to set ahead of you. So instead of aiming to knock 15 pounds off, why not aim for five? Sure it will take you three times as long to reach your goal, but you'll feel better and be much more likely to achieve it.

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