Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Recommendations of the Week: July 3rd

Welcome to the first recommendations of the week for the month of July! This time around our recommendations are themed around awesome free apps and games!

Ernesto  Guillermo recommneds duolingo, a learning app that should help you learn a foreign language, INCLUDING Spanish.
Hatok recommends arguably the greatest achievement in history: Octodad. This crazily unique game has you steer an octopus, disguised as your average everyday father through his average everyday life without arousing suspicion. More importantly, this game has the best tagline, period: "Loving Father. Caring Husband. Secret Octopus."

Check it out here:

Save the Date is a strange take on the dating sim genre. A must play for anyone with a passing interest in story structure!

Check it out here:

Lorl recommends Digital: A Love Story, an interactive novel with a chill soundtrack and relaxed gameplay. Like any good book, you won't be able to put it down once you've started! You play as yourself in a time portal to the early days of the internet. Those of you who remember dial up will love the nostalgia of that screeching noise every time you dial a new number, and others can experience this amazing torture for the first time ever. This is a short, relaxing game that you can beat in one sitting, with a few puzzles as an added bonus. 
The story of digital gets more exciting the longer you play, and is rarely boring or monotonous. Best part is, it's completely free and roughly 35mb in size! 

Check it out here:
Pro Game Tip: Don't forget to download the notepad program in-game, it's your most useful resource!

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