Tuesday, December 04, 2012

App Bites #38: Movie Guide

Welcome back to another edition of App Bites. As promised today I'll feature another Windows 8 app.

Movie Guide:

Movie Guide, created by Zühlke Engineering AG, is your go-to-source for all things about a movie. I love it because I can launch the app, then right in front of me are all the new movies (and other categories too of course) and I can pick one and see a quick blurb about the movie and more. When you select a movie it shows the user's ratings of the movie as well as how well it is doing in the box office, when it comes out, and other important information that I like to look at when deciding on a movie to see. It also has nice tiles with all the major actors, producers, and directors in the movie and if you select a particular tile it will give you some information about the person and a list of all the movies they've been in. You can also see a list of movies that are similar to the movie you're looking at which is great for finding other movies that are popular in the same genre of your selection. Of course there exists websites that offer the same type of service, but with Movie Guide you get it all in one nice convenient package that happens to look great too.

So if you're interested just hit up this link here to get Movie Guide.

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