Tuesday, December 11, 2012

App Bites #40: Khan Academy

Welcome to the 40th edition of App Bites. Wow we're almost at the big five-o.

Khan Academy:

Keeping with my Windows 8 themed app reviews of late, here is another great Windows 8 app. If you haven't heard of Khan Academy it's basically this website run by a guy named Khan who puts our hundreds and hundreds of videos that help explain everything from simple algebra to multivariable calculus to how haemoglobin functions and everything in between. Khan Academy is supposed to be like a way to bring the teacher or professor home with you so that when you go to class you already know what you're doing and can instead focus on putting the lesson into practise. Personally I just like Khan Academy because of all the medical videos which I find very interesting. Anyways I'm recommending this app because it takes all of the videos from the Khan Academy website and puts them into one nice Windows 8 themed app. So if you frequent Khan Academy, and have a Windows 8 device, then I recommend picking this free app up.

You can get the Khan Academy app here.

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