Thursday, December 06, 2012

App Bites #39: ToolBox

Welcome back to another App Bite. As I've mentioned before, I'm going to be doing a bunch of App Bites on Windows 8 apps, so up today is, not surprisingly, a Windows 8 app.


Toolbox, created by Vectorform, is one of those apps that really makes use of the whole Windows 8 design and the features that come along with the design. Toolbox is a grouping of apps such as a custom Facebook app, a custom Internet apps, a custom stopwatch app, etc. that can all be launched simultaneously via certain present configurations, or by themselves. The apps are all great, and a recent update added more as well as what they call the "tool depot" which gives news about coming soon apps. Yes Toolbox has some glitches, but the majority of it's features work, and since it is so new I'm going to let the slight imperfections slide.

All in all, though, Toolbox is a great Windows 8 app that I definitely encourage anyone with a Windows 8 device to pick up. Don't worry it's free, and you can grab it here.

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