Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Recommendations of the Week: December 5th

Well it's that time again, December! And with December comes winter break, delicious feasts, and of course shopping. "But Ernesto you're forgetting the most important thing that December brings", you might say, and in response I'd say "Oh right silly me, December also brings more Angry Birds!"

Angry Birds Seasons: Winter Wonderham

As always Rovio releases an update to their Angry Birds Seasons game which packs in another set of themed levels to the already massive Angry Birds archive. Like in years past, the levels from this update work like an advent calendar. Each day of the holiday season a new level becomes available for you to launch some birds at pigs (but with holiday spirit). Of course only a few levels are available at the moment, but so far nothing is new as compared to past Angry Birds games. Personally I would have liked to see an Angry Birds Star Wars Christmas themed level pack, so for now I'll just slash my lightsaver on some snowy levels and pretend its Christmas.

Of course the levels are still fun, so I can't complain. Yes I'm tired of playing Angry Birds (though the Star Wars version was great and definitely renewed my interest in the game, if only for that one app though) but I still feel I need to mention every time Rovio updates one of the many games.

If you don't have Angry Birds Seasons then you can grab it here for iOS or here for Android.

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