Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Special: Halloween Recommendations

Tonight's the big night- Halloween! Time for everyone to eat till they feel fat, then drink till they don't care anymore, all the while dressing up in crazy costumes and partying the night away. Since it's Halloween it's only appropriate to give you a couple of recommendations of how to make the night even better.

Have a Bonfire:

If all else fails, just add more gasoline
Having a bonfire in the background of your party makes everything better. Bonfires give you light in the darkness and warmth if you're cold, while also providing a way to cook up some dogs and smores- plus they look really cool and it's always fun to play with fire. Of course if you live in the city this might pose a problem. So I'll leave this as a recommendation for people of the suburbs and for those way out in the boonies.

Costume Contest:

Why not have a costume contest to see who can make the best costume? There's nothing like a little competition and some friendly wagers.

Free Stuff:

Take advantage of it! Everywhere you go free food, drinks, and more are literally being thrown at you! This is one of the few times a year that this happens, so take advantage of it.

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