Friday, October 19, 2012

The Artist's Picks: Major Mayhem

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome back to The Artist's Picks!

Today I'm talking about Major Mayhem, an awesome game that's great to pass the time and keep yourself entertained.

Major Mayhem

I'm not generally a big fan of shooter games, but this one is an exception. For one, it offers delightfully cartoony graphics, an innovative playing style, and explosions to boot!

What happens in this game is that you control Major Mayhem, a soldier (a Major I guess) who is called upon by the President to fight ninjas in the tropics.

Starting off, you get dropped off by a helicopter into an area. To control the Major, you simply tap on the screen where you'd like him to shoot. If you aren't pressing on the screen, then the Major will duck behind cover to avoid enemy fire.

When all enemies in a certain area have been defeated, the Major will run to the next area. The number of areas there are per level is about four to five, though later levels can have many more.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new levels and new enemies, just in case shooting at ninjas was getting boring. There's even an epic final boss fight!

The game is very relaxed, contrary to most shooters. If you're behind cover, then nothing can hurt you, so you can easily take a break from playing to do whatever.

Another awesome thing about this game is that even after you beat the main storyline (which is surprisingly long and rich), you can go back to earlier levels and try and get three stars in them (yes, like Angry Birds). However, you have undoubtedly unlocked new, more powerful weaponry that you can use. Ever wanted to use a rapid-fire plasma gun? Or would you rather use a bazooka to blow up those pesky ninjas? Needless to say, the game is even more fun when you come back to play it again.


So all in all, Major Mayhem is a great game to just kill time (and ninjas). Its relaxed nature lets you just pick it up and play whenever, and it also has great replayability, so you can be entertained for hours. Above all, it is absolutely free, so go check it out!

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