Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bing Home Screen Images

I just wanted to take a minute to express my love of the Bing home screen images. With so many people out there constantly hating on Bing for their various reasons, I feel that people who like Bing (like myself) need to express our opinions so as to counter some of the Bing-haters voices.

Personally I like Bing because every day there is a brilliant new picture on the home screen, and recently they've started putting the style of picture up where everything is still except for one part which constantly loops. I just love launching the internet as seeing this pop up first. However having said that I do use Google often for everything else other then searching. No one can really compare when it comes to Google's other services like Google Maps, but I do feel that Bing's home screen is better. Now I know you can put an image on your Google main page (I've got a great skiing picture up on mine) but it still doesn't compare to the pictures that Bing puts up for you each day. So for that sole reason I use Bing instead of Google for my searches. (Google definitely wins out in every other category though, let's make that clear).

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