Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Recommendations of the Week: November 21st

Welcome back to another edition of Recommendations of the Week. Let's begin.

Wii U:

Now I don't actually own a Wii U, but I have very briefly used one, so I'd still like to recommend it. I always get very excited whenever developments are made in any technological field, so naturally I was very excited when I first heard about the Wii U. That was a long time ago though when we first heard rumors of the Wii U, and man am I ever happy the wait it over. I find the Wii U to follow along with Nintendo's whole innovation theme going on. Take the Wii, for instance, which was the first console to really implement motion controls and to bring those motion controls front and centre for the whole world to have easy access too. Or look at the 3DS, though personally my eyes get extremely bothered by the 3D, I still admire their efforts in advancing 3D technology and bringing it to everyday consumers. Once again Nintendo has brought us something completely unlike the competition (as far as consoles go) with the Wii U. And word on the street is that the Wii U is actually pretty awesome. So those are the reasons as to why I'm recommending the Wii U this week.

And don't worry non-North Americans, you only have to wait a short long time till the Wii U arrives in your country.

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