Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Artist's Picks: Google Sky Map

Welcome back to the Artist's Picks! Today I'm talking about Google Sky Map, the app that lets you find any visible star in the night sky.

Everyone knows that Google has maps of the Earth, but what about the night sky? How will you identify that little star or constellation in order to impress your friends? The answer is Google Sky Map, a map of the sky.

When you start it up, it asks for your location and can find it through GPS, Wifi, or even your cellular network. When it's found you, it then displays the entire celestial sphere on the screen

The cool thing is, that it only shows part of the sky at a time. To search for the rest, you simply move your phone around, and it will show you the stars that you are currently looking at.

 This is a really useful tool for figuring out what the name of that particularly bright star on the horizon is ("What? It's Venus? Oh,"), and you can even use it to find stars thanks to the search feature that points you in the direction of whichever celestial body you choose.

It's absolutely free, with no ads, so go check it out!

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