Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Recommendations of the Week: November 28th

Welcome to this week's edition of Recommendations of the Week. Today we look at three awesome YouTube channels.


I want to talk a little bit about the pure awesomeness that is Vsause and by extension Vsauce 2 and 3. If you haven't heard of the YouTube channel Vsauce you need to hit up this link and check it out immediately, and trust me you won't be let down. Vsauce is this channel that does these great videos that try to answer questions like "What would happen if everyone jumped at once?" or "Why do we have two nostrils?" but the guy behind Vsauce does it in and extremely interesting way that keeps me captivated till the end of every video. There are also tonnes of other videos put out on the channel that show you cool things you can do or buy on the internet and other such information. The Vsauce 2 channel puts out videos about crazy things you'd never think of as well as recaps all of the weirdest things in the news from each month. And the Vsauce 3 channel is all about gaming.

I frequent all three of these channels and today I'm recommending that you do too. You'll find that Vsauce has a video for everyone.

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