Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Recommendations of the Week: November 7th

Welcome back to another edition of Recommendations of the Week. This week we talk about one of the best movies I've seen in a long time and possibly the best movie to come out of 2012.


Looper stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays the role of a "looper". Basically the year is 2044 and these guys called loopers exist to kill off, and more importantly, dispose of the future's unwanted men. In the year 2074 time travel was invented, but outlawed right away- but that doesn't mean it isn't used anymore. The mob bosses of the future have the problem of not being able to get rid of the guys they kill due to futuristic tracking systems, so they send the bodies back 30 years into the past and have loopers waiting there to shoot and dispose of the bodies. But then a new guy takes over in the future and starts "closing all the loops" which means that he has all the future selves of the loopers sent back in time to be killed by their past selves. The only problem for Gordon-Levitt is that his future self is Bruce Willis, and everybody knows how hard it is to kill someone like that. Of course Bruce Willis is back with his own agenda but I don't want to spoil anything more so I'll stop talking now.

The plot of this movie is amazing. There are so many different things going on at once- since you have the whole time travel aspect- which just makes for an awesome story (don't worry though its not to complicated that you get a migraine). The acting is great, music, and everything else is great too. One thing I love is that they did the future right. Most movies say "hey look, its the year 2044 and everyone has flying cars and there are giant sky scrapers covering every square inch of the planet and we habit all the planets, etc, etc". But Looper does it realistically, like the year 2044 is exactly like what it probably will be like. The buildings are pretty similar, technology like cell phones are quite advanced etc. Which is exactly what 2012 is compared to 1982. And yes the time travel thing isn't exactly the most realistic, but that doesn't come for 60 years in the year 2074, and hey maybe we will have time travel by then.

Looper also has the perfect balance of action and story. You get loads of blood and shooting and explosions, but you also get loads of plot and character development. And everything happens for a very logical reason, like no one just decides to take over the world or something for no reason.

All in all everything about this movie is great, and I definitely recommend seeing it. Its a 5/5 all the way.

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