Tuesday, September 11, 2012

App Bites #32: Drop Box

Welcome back to another App Bite. Today we look at the Android version of the official app for Drop Box.

Drop Box:

Most of you are well aware of Drop Box and its usefulness. Arguably one of  the best cloud storage options out there, Drop Box has been around keeping peoples things stored in the cloud since this month of 2008. There are Drop Box apps for pretty much every single operating system out there so you can use Drop Box on your computer, phone, tablet, or whatever. The Android version of the file hosting site is great. Its convenient if say you're running out of memory on your phone, just drop off all your photos and the like in Drop Box and you're good to go. And with that you don't even have to think about syncing your phone to your computer because you can just access your Drop Box account on your laptop or whatever you have and boom its right there. So for mobile situations, Drop Box can actually be very useful. If you want to grab it you can do so here in the Play Store for free.

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