Friday, September 07, 2012

iOS 6: Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of my ongoing series dedicated to everything iOS 6. Today we'll take a look at everything new involving photos.

Photo Stream:

What Photo Stream is is this new way of sharing your photos. Let's say you took some pictures at some family reunion and there was a funny picture of your cousin in one of those photos and you want to share it just with your cousin. With Photo Stream you can share this photo via iCloud to your cousins iOS 6 or Mountain Lion device via your photo app. If your cousin doesn't have one of those devices then they can just view them on the Internet. One thing that's cool about this is that it works over cellular and Wi-Fi networks meaning if you're using iPod Touch 4th Generations and higher, or if you have a phone without a data plan, then you can still use this feature. The other cool thing about Photo Stream is that you can leave comments on your shared photos.

I think it's time to get analytical. Sure on paper those features sound cool and useful, but then again are they really? I've been able to send emails with photos in them and leave comments that way for years. So why would I need Photo Stream. The only benefit that I could think of would be the fact that you supposedly can send unlimited photos, and we all know how frustrating it can be to send boat loads of photos via email. Of course that's why they created things like the cloud and Drop Box, both of which nullify this problem. So at the end of the day Photo Stream is basically a cleaner way to send your pictures off to people and doesn't really any significant benefit to it other then making things more seamless for you.

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