Friday, September 14, 2012

iOS 6: Part 5

Welcome back to another part in my series about everything iOS 6. Today we're going to talk about something completely new.


So Passbook is the new app coming with iOS 6 that basically turns your iPhone into a ticket. So say you want to go to the movies you can use your iPhone as the movie ticket. The same works for things like flights and concert tickets, etc. Passbook tells you all the information that your ticket normally would, like the balance left on your Starbucks card, or where your seat is at the concert. Passbook even claims to alert you in you're in the wrong airport terminal. And the handy thing is that the passes automatically pop up on your lock screen when they become needed. So if your movie is starting soon then the ticket will pop up and let you know that it's time and there it is conveniently placed for you.

So I've been pretty critical of some of iOS 6's new features but I have to admit that Passbook sounds pretty cool and actually really useful. So I approve this feature and I just wish that Apple would do more things like this. This is how you stay ahead of the competition. Of course the problem is that things like Google Wallet are already a thing. So Apple's got to do a lot more to win me over still.

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