Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recommendations of the Week: September 12th

My summer recommendations got me thinking about two things I really should have recommended a long time ago. As such, these recommendations are comic themed

Calvin and Hobbes

I hope you've heard of this. If you haven't, you should probably go and hear about it. Written by Bill Waterson... this is, in my opinion, they ONLY good newspaper comic. Ever. Everything from the art to the humour is all great. It strikes true to life, and covers a massive scope of topics. Read it. Like, go buy it and read it. Don't go and be cheap and find it online or something, buy one of the collections.

The Cartoon Guide to the Universe

This cartoon guide is... interesting. And comprehensive. That's important too. It's a funny, and often opinionated, trip through time. I heartily recommend the entire series. Note that the last two in the series are re-branded 'The Cartoon History of the Modern World' but they are essentially the same. A word of warning however, this is not for everybody, people who are offended by different opinions will probably be offended at least once in this book, not that it goes out of its way to do so or anything...

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