Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone 5

So with the announcement of the iPhone 5 earlier this week, people have had some time to calm down and think about what is going on. So I figured today was a good time to for me sum up and voice my opinions about the latest iPhone.

First off since everyone was expecting the iPhone 5 last year, and then got the iPhone 4S instead, you'd imagine that people would come into this a little more critical then before. The iPhone 5 needs to be revolutionary beyond a doubt. If you've been reading my ongoing segment about iOS 6 (the operating system that the iPhone 5 runs on) or if you've done a little research yourself, you would know that iOS 6 alone is not very revolutionary and would not be enough itself to hold the iPhone up to its hype. So now the burden of revolutionizing the iPhone falls on aesthetics and core features in the hardware of the phone.

So what does the new iPhone have or do that is so different from the previous ones? Well since one of Apple's biggest obsessions is with its look and feel, let's begin by talking about the iPhone 5's design. The new screen is slightly bigger then its predecessors coming in at 4inches. This follows the trend of smartphone screens getting bigger and bigger each year. This is also one of the most dramatic changes to an iPhone since, well, ever. Notice how I said "one of the most" dramatic changes. There is actually an even more significant change to the look and that is that the bottom, where you plug that typical white cord connector has been re-done. Now you can no longer use the same connector that you've been using for the past 9 years, instead we have the "Lightning Connector" as it is called. The iPhone 5 is also thinner then before, and Apple even went so far as to call it the "thinnest phone ever" even though there actually are thinner phones. The rest of the look is pretty much the same.

On the inside the iPhone 5 runs on Apple's A6 chip which is said to use less power and is significantly smaller then previous chips. And the two cameras have been beefed up to include things like a 720p front facing camera which will make using FaceTime a lot better looking.

These are the most substantial changes, but if you want more details and specifics then hit up Google.

But let's talk a bit now about this whole thing. The way I see it is that Apple has 'done it again' so as to say they've captured the attention of millions, and somehow managed to impress a large group of people while also making a lot of people question if the new iPhone is really worth it, which going by stats, it really isn't. Of course try telling this to the die hard Apple fan, or the guy who just wants to look cool which he thinks an iPhone will do.

So as far as revolutionary goes, the iPhone is anything but. Yes it has a few nice new features but those are only nice in comparison to previous iPhones. If you look at a multitude of other phones out there you come quick to realize that the iPhone 5 shouldn't be able to compete. But analysts have been quick to say that it will compete, and it will compete well. Personally I'm still holding out for the day that more people realize that the iPhone isn't as great as the stigma around it makes it seem. This is slowly happening of course what with Android controlling a majority of the market share for smartphones and showing no sign of slowing down.

It will be interesting to see how everything plays out. Yes a ton of people will buy the iPhone 5, but the real question is how many people are going to love it, and how many people will be coming back for the iPhone 6.

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