Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recommendations of the Week: September 19th

Welcome back to more recommendations. Since we're only days away from the changing of seasons and the beginning of fall, it's only suiting that we talk about some fall related things. Let's begin.

Coffee Time!:

In the spring and summer I can't go near any hot beverages like coffee or tea or hot chocolate, etc. So it's actually quite nice when the summer ends and the colder weather comes back. With fall comes winter and winter brings on my old routine of daily cappuccinos and the like. Of course it's a bad habit considering the expense, so that's why I end up usually buying a box of tea for a few bucks and using that for a while. I especially like buying the boxes that come with a bunch of different flavours because then it's like I'm having something new and exciting everyday without actually having to go out and buy anything- it saves time and money, and what's better then that? Anyways when it gets cold head out and pick up something, whether it be a coffee or tea or really whatever floats your boat, its a great way to start and finish your day.

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